Credit Cards

Credit Cards with Union State Bank:

Newest Bank Card Enhancements: all new and reissued cards are contactless, all plastics are mobile wallet enabled, ScoreCard Rewards can be redeemed for cash back and gift cards, Card Updatr: cardholders can automatically update their credit card on any merchant website, addition of the Purchasing Card

From shopping to traveling and every aspect of your life, your USB credit card keeps things simple and secure. Check out our personal credit card options below: 

USB Personal Credit Card Options:  

If you're just getting started with credit, trying to reestablish credit, or just want to keep things simple, the Visa Classic card is the perfect choice for you!

Whether you're shopping, entertaining, traveling or planning for an upcoming home project, you earn rewards on every purchase you make with the Visa Platinum card!

Commercial Credit Card: 

Master Account Structure

Individual cards with company and employee name. Assign the credit limit you need for each card.

Choice of Statement

Standard - Each employee receives statement.

Central Bill - One statement for business administrator.

Annual Fee

$29 per card

Annual fees can be waived with $5,000 in annual spending per card or when you sign up for AutoPay!


Lost or Stolen Card:

For inquiries on your credit card or to report the card lost or stolen, please call 1-844-386-8276