Credit Cards

Credit Cards with Union State Bank:

You deserve a better card from the bank you trust. Use the Visa® Platinum and Visa® Classic credit cards to maximize benefits or establish credit. Say goodbye to balance transfer fees and annual charges because we believe in transparency and putting your financial well-being first. Plus, experience customer service, centrally located in the Midwest, who understand your needs. Your better financial future begins now.

Flexible rewards for those who qualify

Those who are eligible for the Visa® Platinum card receive all the benefits of the Classic card, plus rewards points for every $1 you spend! Earn unlimited points towards cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel packages and more.  To learn more about our rewards program, visit

USB Personal Credit Card Options:  

If you're just getting started with credit, trying to reestablish credit, or just want to keep things simple, the Visa Classic card is the perfect choice for you!

Whether you're shopping, entertaining, traveling or planning for an upcoming home project, you earn rewards on every purchase you make with the Visa Platinum card!
To manage your credit card account online, set alerts, pay bills and more, visit

See our Commercial Banking - Credit Cards page for Business Credit Card options.

Lost or Stolen Card:

For inquiries on your credit card or to report the card lost or stolen, please call 1-844-386-8276.