A New Online Banking Experience Has Arrived

Our Online Banking has changed to provide you with Real Time banking and many other features to help you View, Track, Transfer and Manage your Money.

If you have questions on our new system, please Click Here to review our Frequently Asked Questions. Or, read below for highlight of the new online banking.

Quicken & QuickBooks

  • Quicken and QuickBooks Downloads will switch to our new online banking on September 2nd.  Find instructions to complete the transition HERE.

Mobile App


  • This Personal Finance Manager allows you to aggregate transactions from all your accounts (including those at other financial institutions). Then, it will auto-categorize transactions for you, help you create a budget, and show you how to manage your debt pay-down.
  • Check in on how your budget is doing from anywhere with the MoneyMobile App for Apple.

Real Time Banking

  • Transactions will be viewable online as soon as they happen. From debit card transactions to transfers and deposits, see them online when they happen…no waiting.

Real Time Alerts

  • Customize e-Alerts that can be sent via e-mail or text. Learn about account balances, large transactions or deposits in near-real time*.

Bill Pay

  • New features allow you to send a payment directly to an account at another bank or use E-mail Payments to send payments to someone’s account without knowing their account information. You can also Rush a Payment**, send a Donation or send a customizable Gift Check with Greeting Card.

*e-Alert service sends alerts every 15 minutes

**Fees vary for Rush Options. See Bill Pay menu for more information