About Us

Welcome to Union State Bank, Bank of Atchison, Bank of Oskaloosa, Bank of McLouth, Bank of Gower and Bank of Plattsburg. We’re glad you’ve found us and that you’re exploring the opportunity to partner with a community bank that is fully vested in the communities in which we operate. It is our promise and our mission to continue to support the same vision that has guided this organization since the beginning: investment in the families, businesses and farms that make up our community. We live, work and play in the same towns as our customer base, a fact that has sustained our growth and success for the past century.

2019 presents significant opportunity for the communities in which we operate as Union State Bank. We have an amazing team in place that has helped us grow to be the strong financial institution we are today. It is through these great people that we will continue to focus on community investment, equipping our local customers with the resources they need, and being present and actively engaged in Everest, Horton, Atchison, Oskaloosa, McLouth, Gower and Plattsburg.

Come see us at any of our local branches. Our team is ready and willing to serve your needs today and into the future.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jeff Caudle                      

CEO, Union State Bank